Igor Chekachkov, b. 1989 in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Started as a photojournalist in 2008, Igor Chakachkov covered a wide range of cultural, mass and sports events. The path through photographic fields, weaving through years of work and searching, led the author to the field of art photography which he still explores these days. The boundaries between public and intimate spaces are the main focus for the author today.

His work has been published in Forbes, National Geographic, The Guardian (UK), Le Monde (France), WirtschaftsWoche (Germany), Forbes (Ukraine) and others. He also continues to exhibit his prints internationally in both solo and group exhibitions, including work in the Quatrième Image, Paris (2014), Galerie Claude Samuel, Paris (2015), Ukrainian Museum, New York (2015), Ukrainian Cultural Center, Los Angeles (2015), Odessa // Batumi festival (2017) and many others.
Member of UPHA (Ukrainian Photographic Alternative) and UAPF (Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers) group, National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine.


08.2013 exhibition at the Baltic Biennale of Photography, Kalliningrad

01.2014 solo exhibition at the gallery Dziga, Lviv

06.2014 exhibition at Eleven Gallery, Rennes, France

07.2014 exhibition at Tea Factory Gallery, Odessa

10.2014 exhibition at La Quatrième Image, Paris 

11.2014 exhibition at the Festival of Contemporary Art “Terra Futura”, Kherson

12.2014 solo exhibition at COME IN gallery, Kharkiv 

02.2015 short movie for festival “Bring Us Your Woman” in USA 

07.2015 solo exhibition at Galerie Claude Samuel, Paris 

09.2015 exhibition at Ukrainian Cultural Center, Los Angeles 

10. 2015 exhibition at Ukrainian Museum, New York 

11.2015 exhibition at COME IN gallery, Kharkiv 

01.2016 solo exhibition in Municipal Gallery, Kharkiv 

03.2016 exhibition in French Institute of Alexandria, Egypt 

04.2016 exhibition in Lavra gallery, Kyiv 

06.2016 exhibition in Municipal Gallery during night if museums, Kharkiv 

08.2016 exhibition in Yermilov Centre, Kharkiv 

04.2017 Selection for main exhibition in festival Odessa // Batumi

 09.2017 Art Area DK, Kharkiv 

 04.2018 Eyes on Main Street Wilson Outdoor Photo Festival, USA 

 05.2018 solo exhibition in Come In art gallery, Kharkiv 

 05.2018 exhibition during Sloboda Kult Festival, Uzgorod 

05.2018 exhibition in Art Area DK, Kharkiv 

07.2018 exhibition in Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv 

08.2018 festival Donaube Dialogs, Novi Sad 

10.2018 exhibition in EEP Berlin, Berlin 

 11.2018 exhibition in Lovaas, Munich 

 12.2018 exhibition in Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv 

 12.2018 exhibition in Jour et Nuit Culture, Paris 

02.2019 CEPA gallery, Buffalo, New York 

 04.2019 Metaculture, Kyiv 

 05.2019 Tbilisi Art Fair, Tbilisi 

 06.2019 Akt Art Space, Kyiv 

 07.2019 exhibition in Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Odessa 

09.2019 solo exhibition during HYBRID art festival, Madrid 

11.2019 Dongsung Market Art Project in Daegu, South Korea 

12.2019 Klaipeda gallery, Klaipeda 

01.2020 Closer, Kyiv

07.2021 Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv

09.2021 Interphoto Festival, Bialystok

Selected publications:

 10.2014 Opera magazine, Germany

 11.2014 5.6 magazine, Ukraine

 04.2015 P3, Portugal

 06.2015 P3, Portugal

 2016 VASA Project

2017 "Ukrainian Erotic Photography" book

2018 Bird In Flight

2019 SuppotyYourArt

2020 Bird In Flight



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